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New Customer Partnership: The Suffolk Horse Society & Cloud Lines

New Customer Partnership: The Suffolk Horse Society & Cloud Lines

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Cloud Lines are delighted to announce a partnership with the Suffolk Horse Society.
The Suffolk horse Society are the breed society for the Suffolk horse, also known as the Suffolk Punch, which is Great Britain's oldest and most endangered breed of heavy horse. Founded in 1877, the society was established to protect the standard of the Suffolk Horse and has ensured the survival of the Breed.

The Suffolk horse Society will use Cloud Lines to manage their breeding database and their latest product, Cloud Lines Memberships, to manage their society membership.

Adam Short, co-founder of Cloud Lines parent company MA Systems says:
"We are delighted to work with the prestigious Suffolk Horse Society and play a key role in helping to maintain this historically significant breed."

Through Cloud Lines, we aim to help the SHS make the most of their data by providing our innovative integrated breeding & conservation tools. Using these tools, breeders can find the most genetically suitable mates for their animals, which is of critical importance in maintaining genetic diversity within an endangered breed.

The Suffolk horse Society are also using our new product Cloud Lines Memberships to manage their society member subscriptions. This will make their administration processes more efficient and free up time for society staff.

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