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Here at Cloud Lines, we have tried to keep our pricing as simple as possible. For the majority of customers, the simple fixed monthly fee will cover all they ever require. We do recognise, however, that some customers may want to take advantage of some enhanced features, so we offer those here in our “extras” section:

Premium Support

All of our accounts include the built-in web-based support portal, and access to the FAQ section. If your organisation requires a faster support response, or simply the ability to pick up the phone to our support team, then Premium Support is what you’re looking for. Our Premium Support service integrates with our web-based support portal, to ensure easy tracking of your support questions, but also includes access to our dedicated support line. Our support line connects you straight through to a Cloud Lines support engineer, who will own your support issue until resolution. Please contact us directly to discuss pricing options.

Managed Data Import

When transferring data into your new Cloud Lines account, we’re aware that some customers may value the reassurance of expertly managed data import. To satisfy this need, Cloud Lines offers the Managed Data Import Service (MDIS). With this service, you will begiven access to a dedicated member of our MDIS team, who will receive your legacy database extract, and keep you updated throughout the import process. At the end of this efficident process, all of your data will be available in your new Cloud Lines account. Please contact us directly to discuss pricing options.

Point-in-Time DB restore

All data within Cloud-Lines is regularly backed up as part of our standard service. Customers also have the ability to back-up their own data, using the built-in data export feature. For those organisation requiring even more certainty over their data backups, and their restore speed, we offer the database snapshot service. The DB snapshot services gives customers the ability to restore their data to a specific point-in-time, within a given period (max 34 days). If a database error occurs e.g. a mistaken entry or deletion, this can be undone, and your database restored to it’s last-known healthy point e.g. 11am last Tuesday! Please contact us directly to discuss pricing options.

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