Can I integrate Cloud Lines with my own website or a society website?
Yes! Please contact us directly via the contact form if this is something you would like to add to your Cloud Lines package.
How many animals can I record?
The answer to this is dependent on the particular Cloud Lines package chosen. The comparison table at the bottom of the home page allows potential customers to select their best-fit package based on number of records, number of users, features, and price.
How can I import data from my old database system?
Every Cloud Lines package includes our Import/Export feature. If you're moving to Cloud Lines from an existing product, you should be able to import your old data using our easy-to-use CSV import tool. For larger or more complex data sets, please get in touch with us via the contact form.
How do I purchase a Cloud Lines package?
Simply head to our Services page, and click the "Buy Now" button next to your chosen services. The payment process is very simple, and will allow you to set up a monthly or annual direct debit. Once purchased, the welcome wizard will take you through the basic functionality.
How do I know which Cloud Lines package is for me?
Our Cloud Lines packages are tailored to meet the needs of our very wide customer base. A Pedigree cat breeder, for example, may be breeding animals at home in relatively small numbers. Our "Home Breeder" package therefor offers up to 200 individual animal records, enough to support many years of low-volume breeding. A pedigree sheep society, on the other hand, may not only require a larger number of individual records, but also the ability to allow their members to have read-only access to the data. This is where our "Large Society" package would be a good fit. The comparison table at the very bottom of the Home page should allow you to compare the options. If you're still unsure, please do contact us using the contact form.
How do I start adding data / pedigrees to my package?
There are 2 answers to this 1) You can use the self-service import tool or our in-house import service. 2) You can enter the pedigrees manually. There is a specific FAQ entry for CSV import, so this answer focuses on scenario 2. Cloud-Lines has a couple of "foundation objects" which need to be configured before a pedigree is added. These are "Breed" and "Breeder", and are created by clicking on their named menu items at the top of the screen. At least 1 breed must be created for each account, and at least 1 breeder. Some breeders/societies find it useful to include a "fake" breeder called something like "unknown" or perhaps "sold-outside-society" - this gives you some flexibility when adding pedigrees from unknown breeders, or pedigrees with an unknown "current owner". Once at least 1 breed and at least 1 breeder have been configured, you can begin manually adding pedigrees to your package. The Breeder(s) you have configured will be required for the 1st 2 fields in the general "new pedigree" form - "Breeder" and "Current Owner".